Managed IT Solutions

Is a managed services relationship right for you?

While reduced IT expenditures are a potential benefit, many of our customers want a managed services relationship for reasons that go to the heart of their business.

  • The ability to help protect your revenue stream
  • Maintain credibility with your customers (fewer interruptions in services)
  • Increase operational efficiency and reliability
  • Eliminating many risks that are associated with IT failures

Typically our customers do not have a full-time in-house IT expert on staff, yet their network and IT systems are critical to their core business. Ultimately their ability to deliver revenue generating services or products to end-customers hinges on having a predictable, reliable, optimized IT infrastructure, 24/7.

What you get

We do not promote a one-size fits all approach. The managed services relationship is based on your specific business and IT needs.

With Trident you’ll pay a monthly fee to receive a specific set of IT services that can include:

  • Proactive remote monitoring and management
  • AntiVirus, network security and protection
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Ongoing software updates and patch management
  • On-Site Support

The key outcome and benefit to you is a reliable, optimized, high-performance network that helps ensure optimal employee productivity and protection of your revenue.

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