As an increasing number of businesses opt to have their employees work from home, it’s more important than ever to make sure teams can stay connected from the comfort of their own home. A managed service provider can provide businesses with all the tools they need to make sure their employees can stay connected with wired technology solutions, no matter where they’re working. Here are four more reasons working with an expert in wired technology makes sense for the health of your business and your employees.

Improved Security

Spending more time working from home can make you wonder how secure your house really is, especially when you run your business out of your home. Relying on a company that specializes in networking and security solutions isn’t just smart for your career; it’s smart for the safety of your entire family. When your house and your business combine, it’s smart to have a system that protects your home as well as your data.

Easier Video Conferencing

Working remotely can leave you feeling a little lost. An overwhelming 87% of remote workers say they prefer to connect with their team and process through video conferencing. Wired technology makes it possible to securely video conference with any team member, any time, without worrying about dropping calls or being hacked.

Handle More in Less Time

You need a managed tech provider that won’t slow you down. That’s why choosing a wired technology option that lets you back up your data safely and securely while also providing your business with cloud capabilities for more secure access is just a smart business decision. Signing up for a comprehensive VoIP system keeps your employees connected with less downtime so that you can stay focused on your business.

All Your Services in One Place

Why bother going to more than one company for your audio visual or unified communication needs? Even when working remotely, it’s best to have all of your wired technology options combined so that you only need to consult one expert if you ever need help. Let us be that expert for you – request more information about our services today!