According to the third Future Workforce Study by Dell and Intel, 82% of respondents say that workplace tech influences their decision to pick up a new job. Additionally, 42% of employees are likely to quit due to substandard tech in their workplace. With an influx of innovative tools making gains in the conventional office space, employees have made it clear that technology remains a critical piece of business infrastructure that executives need to invest in.

One key feature that business owners need to look into is an audio visual solution for their offices. AV technologies continue to revolutionize how staff, executives, and their clients interact or communicate. Here are five must-have audiovisual technologies in your office space.

1. Wireless Presentation Systems

Most employees can relate to the one staff member that seems to fumble with the project ports in front of the now embarrassed and slightly agitated colleagues. Wireless presentation systems can provide a timely solution to try to fix a plethora of wires across the devices. The wireless networking provider can install a “plug and play” hub that allows you to just fix your HDMI cable and proceed with the business meeting. You can save face in front of your clients or business executives as well as have fewer cables strewing around.

2. Conference Room AV solutions

An interactive projector and other conference room technologies are vital tools for any forward-thinking company that wishes to adapt to the modern office space environment. Smartboard technologies can help your staff share and present their ideas better. Besides, the large-format displays allow for easier visualization. Meeting capture systems can reduce the need for minute writing, allowing your employees to have a more productive engagement within the boardroom.

3. Video Teleconferencing Systems

The impact of teleconferencing solutions in the modern workplace has been staggering. On the back of a global pandemic and governments ordering workers to work remotely, business executives continue to search for ways to integrate an audio visual solution that supports teleconferencing. 40% of companies say that video teleconferencing solutions made their employees more engaged, creating a more collaborative culture. You can support your staff’s work-life balance with new VT installation for your firm.

4. VOIP Technology

The adoption of cloud phone systems allows business executives to communicate with staff or clients remotely from any part of the world. A premium VOIP system provides a high-quality sound that’s necessary for effective communication among all participants on the conference call. Besides, you may also save your business some cash in the process. Small and medium-sized businesses using VOIP systems recorded 40% savings on their call costs.

5. Retail Store Audio Visual Solution

Another key audio visual solution technology is AR. Augmented Reality transforms the brick and motor floor space from dark-colored walls to a virtual retail world. The interactive display screens alongside premium sound systems allow customers to visualize and “feel” the product even before purchasing it. The Audio visual solution on your retail floors can increase your customer engagement and boost your sales in the process.

AV technologies continue to disrupt the traditional office setting as most people know it. You can tap into the emerging tech to provide you with a strategic edge over your competitors while increasing your office productivity. If you are searching for an audio visual solution provider in Raleigh, NC, reach out to Trident Residential Solutions.