Communication is essential in a business. Messages are constantly being sent between companies and their clients. For instance, on average, people check email 74 times a day. However, even with the advancements that have been made in technology, a modern business phone system is still the center of business communication. All businesses need to take calls from clients and customers.

Fortunately, there has also been a lot of innovation in the area of business telephone systems. For instance, instead of the bulky and expensive phone systems used in the past, businesses can now use cloud phone systems. These systems can do so much more than just handle phone calls. Here are a few ways cloud phone systems can improve your business.

Text Messaging Options

Many customers today love texting to communicate with their favorite businesses. Research shows that 70% of customers would rather text than make calls. It has also been shown that customer satisfaction ratings are about 25% higher when communicating via text.

This might probably be because texting is highly convenient. Also, people are generally not patient enough to stay on the phone while everything else is on hold. Fortunately, texting is compatible with multitasking. It’s also quieter than phone calls. This means someone won’t have to find a private place to talk with you via text.

Call Recording Capabilities

To communicate effectively with your clients, you will need to hear, understand and follow up on important talking points. That can be a bit harder to do on a regular phone. The reason is simple; traditional phone calls don’t leave a paper trail that you can follow. However, cloud phone systems come with the capability to record your phone calls. Therefore, you can save your conversations and refer back to them later if there is something that you missed. You can also send the conversation to someone if they want to go over it.

App Integration

In the past, the phone would be the most disconnected element in a business’s communication chain. That’s because telephones were purely analog. However, with cloud phone systems it is easier to integrate your telephone system with the other productivity apps that you use in your business with a cloud phone system.

These are some of the benefits that you get from a cloud phone system. Making your telephone digital will offer you a convenience that surpasses what any regular telephone can.