Keeping up with modern technology advancements in the workplace can do more than just keep you competitive in the market. With 42% of employees saying that they’re likely to quit a job with substandard tech, it can also help you retain talented employees. Upgraded technology and security strategies can also help your business personal information safe. If you have been curious about how you can protect your data, and how you can further protect against cyber attacks, check out these three facts to know about networking and security solutions.

What Are Networking And Security Solutions?

Network and security solutions refer to the level of defense you have implemented in your computer network. The three major components of defense are wireless/wired solutions, network security, and physical security.

Wireless And Wired Solutions

Wireless solutions include making your indoor and outdoor WI-FI networks more available and delivering a higher wireless internet speed. These upgraded internet access points will make your network more reliable, and they will be able to support a higher influx of users. Similarly, wired network solutions keep your data secure and easily accessible.

Network Security

Keeping a secure network will ensure your information stays safe. There are three main measures to keep in mind when upgrading your network’s security:

Firewall Protection
A firewall monitors the communication through your network using a predetermined set of rules. If any network traffic breaks one of these rules, that transaction is flagged by the system and not allowed through to your network. In essence, the firewall acts as a locked door to keep unsafe communication out of your network.

Virus Protection
Similar to a firewall, virus protection helps keep your network safe. If a firewall is a locked door, think of virus protection like a security alarm system. Both are important for keeping your data safe, but the main difference is that anti-virus software detects malware that has made it past your firewall, and it can take the necessary actions to remove it.

Data Backup
Regularly backing up your data can save you a huge headache if disaster strikes. Both natural disasters and security breaches can wipe out your data and cause your business to go under. Backed up data can also be helpful if mistakes are made, or in the event that major changes need to be made and you can still salvage some of your data.

Physical Security

The physical security of your network involves keeping access to the network private and controlled. This can include having security cameras, an alarm system, locked doors or fences, or any other measure that protects against physical threats like criminals, natural disasters, and vandalism.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing networking and security solutions is an easy way to keep your data and wired technology safe and secure. They can protect against malware and viruses, and even keep your business up and running if a natural disaster occurs. One of the greatest benefits of using these services is you can even have a managed tech provider monitor your network. They will be able to update your security as necessary and advise you if you become the victim of a cyber attack.