Clear and effective communication is an essential component of business success and growth. In a survey dubbed the “The Cost of Poor Communications” involving 400 companies with a workforce of 100,000, it was established that inadequate communication to and between employees can cost a company up to $62.4 million annually.

Another similar survey found that smaller companies will suffer, as well. Those with 100 employees typically lose revenues of about $420,000 annually due to miscommunications in the workplace.

To make communication effective and reduce losses, companies are now turning to unified communications. These are solutions that bring all the communication channels a business uses into one system, thus improving efficiency.

One key feature of unified communications is video conferencing, which offers audio visual solutions to employees. When using video conferencing, close to 90% of remote users suggest having a stronger connection to their team.

At first, video conferencing was expensive and required an IT guru to assist with systems setup. Now, it’s cheap, and you can do it via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Just about any business, regardless of industry, can benefit from video conferencing. Here’s how:

Increased collaboration

Distance has always been a great hindrance to effective business collaboration. Between international clients and remote employees, the need for unified communications is apparent. Luckily, audiovisual solutions eliminate the need to travel for meetings. All you need to do is set up a couple computers with audiovisual technology and you can meet virtually across the globe. As a result, companies can save on travel costs and increase business productivity with all that extra time.

It’s effective

Are you aware that the human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text? By nature, humans are visual. In addition to the words spoken or written, there are aspects such as tone, body language, and gestures that aid in communication.

As such, adding an audiovisual element to business communication will help your team pass and understand information more effectively. This results in better-informed staff, especially in regard to decision making, which will be faster and more accurate. Unified communications allow businesses to proceed with plans quicker, resolve issues faster, and cultivate clients more efficiently.

Helps cultivate unity within the company

Workplace unity is a critical component of collaboration, employee morale, and business productivity. Many businesses today have off-site staff that may be in a different city, country, or continent. In some cases, these remote employees have never had any personal interaction with any other team members.

With such dynamics, remote staff may not feel like a part of the team. By leveraging audiovisual technology, you will be able to achieve more personable interactions with each member of your staff. Meeting face-to-face — even virtually — will increase familiarity and give them a sense of belonging.

Simplifies hiring and retaining employees

Hiring top talent is important for any company that seeks to grow. However, the hiring processes are often lengthy, expensive, and restrictive as the interviewing panel and interviewees must all be in one place and at the same time.

With video conferencing, panelists and applicants can interact regardless of location. This will reduce the cost and open up job opportunities to top talent that would have otherwise been barred from applying due to the distance.

More importantly, it is essential that you are able to hold on to top talent once they are a part of your team. This will ensure there are fewer changes in the organization and that effective teams are not disrupted.

It’s good for the environment

Carbon emissions from fossil fuels used to power vehicles and airplanes have an adverse effect on the environment. Some roles require employees to travel frequently. In such industries, video conferencing significantly reduces the need to travel. This will translate to a reduced corporate carbon footprint.

Technology has disrupted many industries but has also brought about new opportunities as well as facilitated business growth. Thanks to unified communications solutions, including audio video solutions, communicating with employees and clients is now easier and faster. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Trident Technology Solutions today.