Music is becoming easier to access. Anyone with a cell phone and a Bluetooth speaker can start a party in a few minutes. However, it doesn’t take an expert to tell the difference between a properly appointed home stereo system and a small speaker. On average, home theaters have a 1,950 power output and 5.2-inch surround sound system, and smaller speakers have far less power and quality. Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve your home audio solutions without breaking the bank. Here are some quick home audio solutions to change your home into a better listening environment.

Triangulate Your Seating

Every type of room has an acoustic sweet spot where you can enjoy the best audio quality. The best way to create a better listening environment in your home is to create an equilateral triangle. What you want to do is set your left and right-channel speakers in front of you. The distance between each speaker set should be the same as the distance between each set of speakers and your sitting position. This will ensure that you get the maximum stereo effect. You will also be able to avoid hearing delays and overlaps in oncoming sound waves.

Angle Your Speakers

Many of the speakers available on the market are directional devices. This means that you will get the cleanest audio when the speaker is facing you directly. Another benefit of aiming speakers at your preferred seating position is that you will reduce the amount of audio reflections you get. However, this rule does not apply when dealing with a subwoofer as its placement is less about direction. When positioning a subwoofer, you have to pay attention to that area of the room where the bass sounds best. For this, you will have to rely on trial and error.

Place Bookshelf Speakers on Stands

Even if they are called bookshelf speakers, don’t believe the hype. Placing your speakers on a bookshelf can trap and redirect sound. To ensure the sound is more clear and predictable, mount the bookshelf speakers on the stands.

There are a lot of simple ways to improve your home audio solutions. Aside from the tips listed above, when you are streaming music, try and play around with the streaming service settings. This can take a toll on your data plan, but you will get better sound.