The way we approach business is changing. As we continually pivot to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, individual departments within an organization are becoming as agile as the larger companies themselves. IT departments are experiencing tremendous changes as their roles expand to impact customer service, sales, and even business strategies. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning IT into a driving force in all aspects of business.

Become Leaders, Not Supporters

One thing to understand when managing the growing pains of IT is that it’s no longer the work of a single department. Research from Accenture found that 34% of companies see the IT department as the main driver of innovation, which is down from 71% two years ago. I see the reason for this as a change in IT infrastructure itself. The modern IT worker is a tech-savvy innovator who creates change across the organization’s entirety, not just a single department. As employees create change across all levels of an organization, the new face of IT defies boundaries.