Many people have spent the last year investing in updates to their homes. Some, however, have missed one key improvement that can really transform your home from standard to smart.

1. The Video Doorbell

One of the biggest interruptions in a day often comes from package deliveries, especially those requiring signatures. Installing a video doorbell will allow you to speak directly with anyone at your door even if you are stuck in your home office working to meet a deadline. This is a complete audio video solution as it allows you to both hear and see who is at your door.

2. Wifi Enabled Outlets

Wifi-enabled outlets provide a great audio video solution in the simplest sense by allowing you to control the power to your television and sound system. These outlets are also a great way to set up your lighting so that you only need to find the on switch to your new desk lamp once.

3. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers can benefit your home in so many ways. You can connect them to your phone or laptop to stream music as a way to tune out the noise of your family or the pack of neighborhood dogs. If you have multiple smart speakers you can create groups and have zones of music. Your smart speakers can also be a way to enhance your video chat audio so that you do not miss any important details when you are in a meeting. Most smart speakers are also a verbal command center for your other smart devices.

4. The Command Center

The biggest audio video solution that a smart home provides is the command center. This is typically an app that allows you to turn everything off with just one tap. This will allow you to communicate with all your devices with ease and shut off any distractions for you and your family.

If you are part of the over 50% of global employees who now work outside the office at least a few times a week then you need to make your home a smart home. With the video doorbell to keep track of packages, smart speakers to pipe in ambient noise, and the command center application to have whole-house domination, interruptions will be a thing of the past.