<p>Wired networks rely on physician connections to establish links between various devices like lighting, security, and home entertainment systems. Wired systems are typically inbuilt in a home’s construction. They can also be included in the remodeling plan. The advantage of wired systems is that they are very reliable. There is no risk of interference as with airborne Wi-Fi signals. Here are some of the common uses of wired systems in homes.</p>

<h3>Automated Lighting</h3>

<p>Wired network solutions can be used to automatically turn the light on using a programmed schedule. They can also be used to switch lights on using a remote or a phone. This allows the homeowner to create the perfect atmosphere in the home. Having your lighting system hooked to a wired network can also help you save electricity. For instance, if you forget to turn off the lights and you are away, you can simply use your phone to either dim or switch off the lights.</p>

<h3>Distributed Audio Visual</h3>

<p>A wired network is the center of a distributed audio/visual system. All your entertainment can be connected to this system so you can watch TV anywhere in your home. You can also control the music and set a good tone in your house, all at the press of a button. More than half of global workers now work from home and visit the office at least a few times a week. As such, you need to have great control of the environment in your home. Wired network solutions can offer you this and much more.</p>


<p>You can connect your home security system components like cameras and alarms to your home’s network. This will help you keep your home safe while you are out. It is also possible to interface with your home remotely with systems like these. This means you will stay updated about everything happening at your place even if you are away. For instance, if someone knocks at the front door, you can call them and tell them you are not home.</p>

<p>There is a lot you can do with a wired network in your home. The most important factor is to have it installed properly. You must find the best-wired network solutions provider to assist you with yours. After installation, they can also help you configure it and have it support all the automatic features you want in your home.</p>