The average person checks their email 74 times per day. What would you do if you went to log in to your email and found that all of your information had been stolen? Thankfully, there are networking and security solutions that can help you avoid this nightmare. Check out these quick facts to help you determine what to look for in a superior technology security provider.

Network Security

Think of network security like a padlock on your gym locker: it gives you peace of mind knowing that random people can’t go through or steal your stuff. Effective network security should have the following three components:

Firewall Protection:
A firewall keeps unwanted malware out of your network while still allowing outbound communication. It monitors incoming traffic and uses a set of predetermined network protocols to weed out harmful data.

Anti-Virus Protection:
Similar to a firewall, anti-virus protection helps keep your network working properly and your information from being compromised. It is able to detect viruses that have passed through the firewall using inspection criteria determined by the anti-virus seller. A strong network has both firewall protection and anti-virus protection.

Data Backup:
Backing up your data can do more than just help you recover your data if your information is compromised. It can also give you a competitive advantage by helping your business bounce back from a large scale disaster. A study conducted by the University of Texas reports that 43% of businesses that experience a major loss of data will go out business within two years.

What Else Should Networking and Security Solutions Include?

Unified Communications System:
A unified communications system is a convenient way to keep your business in sync. It connects all of your communication mediums between employees and customers and can be linked anyway you want. For example, if a customer leaves a voicemail on your office phone, you can choose to receive an email transcript of the voicemail or have the call redirected to your cellphone. This can help you manage your priorities and stay on top of your game.

Managed Technology Service:
Keeping up-to-date with networking and security solutions can be a daunting, time-consuming task. A technology management provider can take care of your work security needs by remotely monitoring the health of your network. If a security threat is found, the manager will be able to neutralize the threat and take additional security measurements if needed.

When you’re ready to better protect your business — and your customers — rely on Trident Technology Solutions today.