For a long time, IP product solutions have been the preserve of corporate organizations. But many residential users are turning to smart home applications for audio video solutions. They can integrate with smart locks, thermostats, and entertainment systems. Here are some of the top reasons you may want to consider a home audio visual solution.

1. They Allow You to Tailor Your Audio Visual Experience

Your managed technology provider can offer audio visual solutions that you can tailor to your needs. With the whole-home system, you can play a variety of media in different rooms. You can pick music to listen to when getting ready in the morning.

Since you can tailor the audio output for different rooms, you can play music without disturbing the neighbors. It can be useful when hosting parties to play audio only in the rooms the guests have occupied. Despite setting the volume reasonably low, everyone can hear their favorite tunes from every corner of the premises.

2. You Are Able to Immerse in the Whole-Home Audio Visual Experience

Another useful feature of whole-home audio video solutions is their capacity for an immersive experience. You can incorporate lighting, music, and artwork to invoke a corresponding mood for the activity or task you are doing.

Having dinner with the family? You can turn down task lights and use softer lamps while playing relaxing music in the background. You can pick from a playlist or set the system to stream music from multiple sources.

3. You Get to Enjoy the Convenience of Climate Control

Climate control is one of the most useful features of modern audio visual technology for residential applications. As a unified technology system, the AV installation can integrate with your HVACs smart thermostat. It makes managing comfort in your interior convenient and efficient.

Using a smartphone or tablet, you can check on your system wherever you go. If you need to turn on the furnace or AC, you can use voice activation. A managed technology provider can install a custom wireless system to boost efficiency and comfort.

4. You Can Manage Lighting and Utility Bills

A whole-home audio solution gives you more control through voice activation, smartphones, amongst other devices. The additional control can improve lighting in your home to boost safety. Fixtures with sensors can activate when they detect pets or intruders.

Another advantage of accurate control of lighting and the HVAC system is that it reduces energy consumption. Smart thermostats are more precise and will activate depending on your settings. You can cut down electricity while still enjoying the convenience and comfort of the whole-home system.

5. Allows You to Free Your Interior of Clutter

You may also consult a reputable managed technology provider for a wireless system with virtually no running cables. Wires lying around the floor can be messy and prone to damage due to foot traffic. Custom audio home solutions can keep your home neat and safe.

Get an Audio Video Solution That Works

There are many types of devices you can incorporate into your whole-home audio system. An efficient design is critical to realize the benefit of the new installation. For the best results, consult an experienced managed technology provider of home audio visual networks.